Thursday, 9 February 2012

Hello Again

Hi, I'm back after a very long break, no excuses but lots of good reasons like, having a new kitchen, new bath and shower, redecorating the stairs, living room and conservatory. The latter of which overlapped with having an operation on my right hand for Carpel Tunnel, then it was Christmas and New Year and then back to work (yuk). 

Finally though I've managed to get back into making some cards.  I got a full set of Copic Ciao's for Christmas (OMG - I'm so happy) so have started having a little play and practice to try and improve my colouring techniques.

I'm going to put on a few cards that I've made over the last few weeks but there will be no details about them as I was only playing and practicing using both my Copics and Promarkers.  I didn't take of note of the colours or papers I was using - soz.

Anyway here goes I hope you like them.

You'll notice that one is not a card but a canvas, this was an experiment just to see how it would work, and as it wasn't a total disaster my son used it as birthday gift for his teacher.

Hopefully you'll see more regular posts again from now on.

Lots of Luv

Hev xx


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