Sunday, 9 January 2011

My Crafting Buddy

I thought I'd introduce you all to my crafting buddy.

Nearly every time I go into my craft room to either read some blogs or actually try and do some crafting, I have a companion.  Her favourite place to be is on my desk which kind of hinders you when you're busy trying to create something pretty.

Meet Tallula, my son's 8 month old kitten, who likes nothing more than causing havoc where ever she goes.  She is beautiful but totally unlike any other cat I've had; she doesn't have a graceful bone in her body and regularly runs into things like walls or wardrobes; falls of window sills when she tries to jump up onto them; likes water being dripped onto her or lying in the bathroom sink; and playing fetch with small balls or crumpled up balls of paper, she is generally just a weird but wonderful cat.

She is fab!!

Luv Hev xx


  1. Oh she is just adorable! So cute! Thanks for joining my blog candy, good luck! Kim

  2. Hi Heather, Soooo cute I bet she gets covered in glitter, thanks for sharing her with us!!
    Hugs cherie

  3. Hi Hev, So cute! I'm sure you're glad of the company!
    Patsy from

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  5. Aha, so you get help! Hello there, good to see you in blog land. Be careful it gets addictive. X

  6. This is absolutely sweeeet!
    Take care,