Sunday, 13 February 2011

I can't believe I've been given an award!

The very lovely Marlene (Paper Papillon) has nominated me for this award.  Thank you so much, I am truly shocked and stunned, but very pleased. I can't believe how kind everyone is here in blogland, especially as I've only had my blog for such a short while. 

As part of receiving this award I have to do the following:

Thank the person who gave me this award and link back to their blog.

Pass this award on to 8 other bloggers that I love to visit and leave a comment so that they are able to pass on the recognition that they have received.

And finally share 8 things about myself to those who come by to read my blog.


Right then, here goes with some tidbits about me:

  1. I live with Mr Bray (or Andy to his friends) and we have 2 lovely kids, Maisie and Alistair, both of whom are growing up far too quickly.
  2. I'm originally from the Borders of Scotland but came to Sheffield when I was 6 years old.  I still love to go up home to visit family, but don't get to go as often as I'd like.
  3. I've worked for Sheffield City Council for 25 years (are you mad I hear you say, and yes I think I am).  Although I've been part-time since Maisie was born, I'd still rather be at home in my craft room.
  4. We have two cats, Tinkerbell and Tallula, neither of whom like being cuddled, but Tallula loves to lie next to me on my craft desk.
  5. I have cerise pink and deep purple in my fringe, this is in the vain hope that it will make me appear younger than I actually am, lol.
  6. I'm a constant yo-yo dieter and dream of getting to my ideal weight one day. Yes I'm trying again, so any low-fat/low-calorie recipe ideas will be very welcome.
  7. I love a game of bingo with my girlfriends, especially if I win as the money goes towards my craft budget which is never big enough to supply all the things I want.....sorry I mean all the things I need!!!
  8. My dream would be to own a craft shop, with a workshop for holding crops, etc.  Maybe one day if I win the lottery.....
Me and Maisie

Me and Alistiar

The 8 bloggers I've chosen to give the award to are the ones that I visit most days.  They are all so talented and give me loads of inspiration, and maybe one day my creations will come close to their standards.  I'll keep practicing!!  I know some of you have received this award already but felt it was only right for me to give to those that have inspired me the far anyway!  I'm sure if you have already received the award and passed it on that you don't have to go through the whole process again.

and last but not least I give it back to Marlene who passed to me!

Thank you all ladies!

Lots of Luv and Hugs to everyone

Take Care

Hev xxx


  1. Thank you so much sweetie, | am honoured will add you name to my post tomorrow, it don't matter how many times you receive it it still means a lot
    Jacs xxx

  2. Same here babe, and gorgeous pics of you and your babies :)

    Marlene xx

  3. Hi Hev many congrats on your award hun am now a follower & more thanks for passing it on to me..lovely pics of your children I have a G/daughter called Maisie shes 10 nxt pleased you can find inspiration from me am very humbled..

    smiles Christine xx