Tuesday, 21 June 2011

It's been so long!!!

First things first, sorry for not being on here for so long, not been too good health wise which has made me extremely tired so PC use has been severely limited (been sleeping instead, lol)

Anyway, I go for my medication tomorrow so hopefully will start to feel more like my normal self again and will have the chance to post more regularly.

I have managed to make a few cards while I've been away from Blogland so I'll let you have a quick lookysee but there won't be any detail added as I made them so long ago I can't remember the nitty gritty now, but I'm sure you'll all get the idea.


Hope you like what you've seen.

I am going to post some quite old photos soon of cards I made before I started my blog.  Again with those there won't be any detail but just want to show what I've done in the past.

See you soon

Take Care


Hev xxxx

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