Friday, 24 June 2011

Supposed to be some of my Pre Blog Cards

Good evening everyone, hope you are all well.  

In my previous post I mentioned that I'd been diagnosed with Diabetes and that I was going for my medication the next day, well guess what I'm still waiting.  This means I'm still spending most of my time sleeping or drinking gallons of water, and not enough time reading my fave blogs, I apologise to you all for my absence and will be back soon. 

Having Type 2 Diabetes the first treatment they usually try is eating a healthy diet along with sensible amounts of physical activity, but as I've been losing weight with Slimming World (I rejoined in February) and in total have lost just over 3 stone so far, obviously dieting was not the answer for managing my blood glucose levels as I'm still symptomatic (as my doctor put it).  The next course of treatment for Type 2 would normally be medication in tablet form (Metformin) unfortunately this affects the glucose production in your liver and I have the added complication of suffering from an auto immune disease of the liver called Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC - very rare which I think just makes me more special, lol), so now I've been referred to a Diabetologist (I know an 'ologist') at the hospital, which in fairness is fine, it's better to see a specialist and get the correct treatment, it's just I'm fed up of waiting now I just want something that will make me feel more like my normal self.  The Diabetic Nurse at my doctor's surgery seems to think that I'll be put on insulin so that'll be interesting!!  I'll let you know the outcome once I've seen the 'ologist'.

Anyway, as I've not made hardly any cards due to being asleep most of the time, I've decided to post some old ones just to show what I've done in the past before I started my blog.

Well, I just tried to upload some photos and my internet connection has gone on a major go slow so I will try again tomorrow.

Night night and take care,

Luv Hev xxx

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